Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Flag 2006

This morning we were discussing memorial day. My nephew Yuval said that we are missing the point and instead of glorifying the lost ones, we should think about how useless their sacrifice has been and how the mentality of brute force and more brute force has brought us nothing except more graves. Later I was watching the flags, waving in the glorious spring sun. I thought, how come I have such an ambivalence feelings towards the flag. Is it because I think about draped coffins when I look at it?. Are the wrinkles on it symbolic?

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Nahda said...

I'm deeply agree with your nephew, now, in the present things are not changing, instead of learning from the sufferings ur people had in the past, now that you have the power to be better and fight for equality, life and peace, israeli flag is tinted with more than wrinkles: blood, of its people: israelis or palestinian...

I think that is horrible that both sides, the people that is what really matters(not to the polititians) are the ones who are suffering. :O(