Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Flag 2006

This morning we were discussing memorial day. My nephew Yuval said that we are missing the point and instead of glorifying the lost ones, we should think about how useless their sacrifice has been and how the mentality of brute force and more brute force has brought us nothing except more graves. Later I was watching the flags, waving in the glorious spring sun. I thought, how come I have such an ambivalence feelings towards the flag. Is it because I think about draped coffins when I look at it?. Are the wrinkles on it symbolic?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

Tonight is the eve of the Memorial Day in Israel. In recent years, the victims of terrorists acts have been added to the national memorial. The photograph shows the improvised memorial in front of the Dolphinarium night club. On the night of 1 June 2001 a suicide bomber blew himself up in the cue in front of this popular night club. 21 teenagers died in one of the most terrible attacks of the Second Intifada. Most of them were born in Russia and moved to Israel with their parents.
Overall, Israeli society deserves a considerable credit for not cracking up during that difficult period.

On Framing

When you frame right - your frame is right ( see the movie Capote for effective framing in a film) Posted by Picasa