Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Beach 2007

After rains that would not stop yesterday, a very pristine day today. We went to this remote beach to have a clear visual memory for the first day of 2007.
I noticed the concrete slab on the cliff and grasped its implications (even though I said to myself that I would not like to do some heavy duty photography on this day)
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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Golani Bridage Training Camp

This afternoon we were following a brand new road, back of the carmel range, when we came to the brand new training camp of the Golani Brigade. The firing ranges offered a cleas aesthetics which reminded me of landscapes in Iceland and is very difficult to experience here. One could not also think about how the pristine area around the camp is going to be affected. Just down the road we watched at a close range, a marsh harier gliding over grassy ravine, oblivious to the off duty camp.
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Ilan M. 2006

Ilan works as a handy man around here. I did his portrait this Friday on my front lawn. Posted by Picasa