Friday, April 03, 2009

Friedrich Nietzsche from ‘The Will to Power’ or as "Postmodern" as it gets

I remembered this quote from Nietzsche from the first time I have read it while studying in U.C Santa Barbara:

That the value of the world lies in our interpretation (-that other interpretations than merely human ones are perhaps somewhere possible-); the previous interpretations have been perspective valuations by virtue of which we can survive in life, i.e. in the will to power, for the growth of power; that every elevation of man brings with it the overcoming of narrower interpretations; that every strengthening and increase of power opens up new perspectives and means believing in new horizons – this permeates my writing. The world with which we are concerned is false, i.e. not a fact but a fable, an approximation on the basis of a meager sum of observations; it is ‘in flux’, as something in state of becoming, as a falsehood always changing but never getting near the truth: for there is no ‘truth’.
Friedrich Nietzsche from ‘The Will to Power’1885-1886

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