Friday, April 03, 2009

Friedrich Nietzsche from ‘The Will to Power’ or as "Postmodern" as it gets

I remembered this quote from Nietzsche from the first time I have read it while studying in U.C Santa Barbara:

That the value of the world lies in our interpretation (-that other interpretations than merely human ones are perhaps somewhere possible-); the previous interpretations have been perspective valuations by virtue of which we can survive in life, i.e. in the will to power, for the growth of power; that every elevation of man brings with it the overcoming of narrower interpretations; that every strengthening and increase of power opens up new perspectives and means believing in new horizons – this permeates my writing. The world with which we are concerned is false, i.e. not a fact but a fable, an approximation on the basis of a meager sum of observations; it is ‘in flux’, as something in state of becoming, as a falsehood always changing but never getting near the truth: for there is no ‘truth’.
Friedrich Nietzsche from ‘The Will to Power’1885-1886

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Coffee from My Garden

The delicate white flowers on the coffee bushes in my garden turned to red beans which fascinated their viewers. This week we were able to produce real flavorful coffee from them. I guess you can grow coffee in Israel.

The Birds Are back

The tits (these are birds ) are back in full force feeding their young in the blue box all day long.