Monday, April 12, 2010

Holocaust Remembrance day

Israel fell silent on Monday morning as a two-minute-long siren wailed across the country to mark Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Day.

As the siren sounded at 10 A.M., traffic came to a total standstill. Drivers stood next to their cars and pedestrians stopped walking, many of them standing at attention or with their heads bowed.

 10:43 12/04/2010 Haaretz online.

I was thinking that it would be insightful to capture a photograph of my blooming front garden just as the siren wail commenced - observing the sharp contrast between the present scenery and the harrowing events of the past.  Just then a realization had came to me that here in Israel within our DNA, is still the inner fear that a new holocaust is not just an abstract idea but a very real one. The ramifications of such a perception are deep and are still to be debated.