Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Souvenirs and Relics

On the relationship between souvenirs and relics and their "strata" 2010
 Prof. Bruce Brown Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research at  University of  Brighton UK, has asked me what did I think made the  difference between souvenirs and relics. It made me reflect on one of the souvenirs/relics from my archives:

On this relic 'stratum' - in 2009 I found abandoned buildings in Kibbutz Heftziba including the  well designed dinning hall. Realizing immediately the cultural significance of these locations' I did  a series of photographs there. On my second visit I noticed a big pile of artifacts on the dinning hall floor. Apparently these were personal artifacts from somebody's house that has to be emptied and instead of throwing the impressive items ( such as art books, drawings, photographs) they chose to dump them there in that location ( one culture devours the other). The postcard found in this pile is interesting as it was mailed from Nazi Germany to Palestine on the 23.8. 1939 ( a week before the beginning of the war). In a sense it signifies exalted culture ( ie church architectural articulation) and its coming demise, as well as the speculations as what was the fate of postcard's sender.