Friday, June 17, 2011

Cinema Instrument of Poetry

"No one sees things as they are, but as his desires and his state of soul make him see."

Luis Bunuel 
Cinema Instrument of Poetry  

in Francisco Aranda, Luls Bunuel: A  Critical Biography. Seeker & Warburg, 1975, pp. 273-275. Translation by David Robinson,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Peer Evaluation in an Art Photography Critique

This is an idea I have adapted from my extensive experience in web based visual instruction.
One of the main challenges of art/photography critiques is how to engage all students to participate in the critique and not find oneself talking alone for four hour. 

In the beginning of the critique the students are divided into pairs. They are given a sheet of paper with instructions to base the response on the theoretical approached discussed through the course. We spend the next 20 minutes when each student is writing the comments on his peer's work. I am always surprised how engaged are the students with this activity ( especially that students from the visual/design fields are not known for a passion for writing).

The procedure for the critique itself is that the first student presents his work followed by oral comments by his peer ( they do not have to read what they wrote but it certainly helps them in their comments). Usually a class discussion follows and I give the concluding remarks.
I found this peer evaluation approach to be very effective and engaging for all participants. 
    You may see the following videos (even though they are in Hebrew, they demonstrate the level of interaction)
Peer Evaluation 1 
Peer Evaluation 2