Monday, August 29, 2011

What photography is? What are photographs?

 Chez Gilad Ophir 08 2011

What Photography is?  What are Photographs?

SLA June 2011

It seems that developing a single narrative for the question of what photography is?, is bound to fail at the outset. This is what I called the effort to reach a “Unified Field Theory.”  This was Barthes's effort in Camera Lucida and presently James Elkins joins him with his 'What Photography is', or in this  case(Elkins) one might immediately want to  ask what photography is not.  One of the difficulties might stem from photography’s complex relationship to “Seeing.”  Because what do I mean by “Seeing” – Observing? Perceiving?  Looking? Beholding? Scrutinizing? Glancing?  Glimpsing?  Identifying?  It is obvious that if I wanted to conflate these words with the act of “Seeing” I would have to give a detailed account of the conditions and contexts where they are related and even then my description might fall short or extremely short. This is analogical to the position of trying to answer what photography is. In addition, one gets the impression that any time I talk about photography or photographs, I have to talk simultaneously about what is and what is not.  In case of photographs the issues of time and space might act as good examples for this difficulty. 

from What Photography is? What are Photographs (C) Dr. Shlomo Lee Abrahmov 2011