Saturday, October 01, 2011

Biking in the Sharon

What I like in particular about bike riding around here is that it enables you to discover new places that otherwise the chances for you to see them are slim. Here are few photographs from a tour of central Sharon were the most advanced urbanization ( i.e the town of Raanana) are sitting next to agricultural fields. ( click on photographs to enlarge)

The orange red soil of the Sharon are called by the native Arabs Hamra (red) it is a light and excellent soil for many crops.

The labor  of Israeli agriculture is based on workers from Thailand. They are hard working, dedicated laborers . In many places in the middle of the fields they have their own compounds.   

Thai workers' breakfast  

The crops here are sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes and Water tower

Two stripes and cypresses

There was no sign of life in this recently built neighborhood of Hod Hasharon, I was thinking of Eggleston

"You do not mind me wearing this shirt ?( a protest against the evacuation of settlers from the Gaza strip), he asked me". I did not answer since why spoil a beautiful ride with the painful realities of Israeli politics and right wing extremism.
The Rider's self portrait