Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Requiem for an Ancient Olive Tree

In 2010 Stelios and I found a huge olive tree in Chouladiana, which was difficult to capture due to the bushes around its massive trunk. As a result I shot a short video of the tree.

This summer going to visit the tree, we were dumbfounded to discover that it had been recently burned to the ground in order to use its wood for charcoal.

It is a shocking realization that some people can be so ignorant and short sighted and burn a tree that conservative estimate put its age at 800 years old.  The shortsightedness of this act is not only a Cretan problem but a much greater one globally. In the past, I wrote a short introduction to my photographs of ancient olive trees in Israel, which explores the greater implications of these old trees.
As a burial act for this tree I took some charred remains of its  trunk a covered them with rocks in the solitary bay of Afrotolaki.

 A video of the location can be seen here