Friday, July 06, 2012

Objects Artifacts

Slowly like a the heat rising above the sands of the Sahara desert, the inner motivations for my objects-making or transformation are becoming more explicit.

 and here is a source for inspiration:

On Shells
“But if we were to allow ourselves to indulge in all the daydreams of inhabited stone there would be no end to it. Curiously enough, these daydreams are at once long and brief. It ii possible to go on with them forever, and yet reflection an end them with a single word. At the slightest sign, the shell becomes human, and yet we know immedi­ately that it is not human, With a shell, the vital inhabit' ing impulse comes to a dose too quickly, nature obtains too quickly the security of a shut-in life. But a dreamer is unable to believe that the work is finished when the walls w built, and thus it is that shell-constructing dreams give life and action to highly geometrically associated molecules. For these dreams, the shell, in the very tissue of its matter, » alive. Proof of this may be found in a great natural legend.”
From The Poetics of Space –by Gaston Bachelard