Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Visual Culture and Food

I was thinking that some of the most popular photographs taken with smartphones, are of food in various forms of preparation. As a result we more and more relate to the aesthetics of food, especially since Instagram makes it looks so good. In that sense we could say that now we consume food twice, once visually when we photograph it, the second when we eat it. 

As I was preparing the fresh garlic and parsley today, I thought it was possible to share with my friends how to use garlic in an easy to digest form.  The idea is to chop it real well and then continue to chop it with parsley.  The fresh garlic shown is less agressive in taste than the dry one.  

Later the wild mushroom and vegetables soup was captured with the iPhone as well.


באבאיאגה said...

"In that sense we could say that now we consume food twice"
We always did, first looking at it and than eating, now with the camera the look is longer, or in other words, we eat more than twice. We look, we take pictures, we eat and than again we look at the pictures.

John Wilson said...

great soup :)
Looks tasty on the foto:)