Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Photography Intricate Passages

august sander pastry cook 1928

After a recent conference on photography I am reflecting on  two photographs this morning.  The first is Sander Pastry Cook, which might be his finest photograph from the the well known series capturing people from all walks of life.  Naturally Sander's methodology has an aspect of social typology in its conceptual undercurrent (notice for example how we do not know the cook's name) . However, it seems that what stands out here is the dynamic stance of the man, the arc of his pose which stresses the individual rather than the professional. There is a subtle inner light which is enhanced by the cook's gleaming black shoes. This individual shining amidst a common non glamorous  professional environment,  help us in appreciating this remarkable photograph, both intellectually and emotionally. 

The second photograph is a plant study by Karl Blossfeldt.  We can feel that    main concern here has to do with the inner structure of the plants depicted. These finely detailed photographs in black and white transforms the plants into sculptural forms, into an expression of art.  Notwithstanding their beauty and originality, the plants in the Blossfeldt's photographs are dead, their life forces spent for obvious reasons.  
Here again I was recalling some of my favorite drawings of all times which are Leonardo chalk drawing of blackberries 1505-10.
In these drawings, Leonardo is exploring a  more complex dynamics of nature. The movements  shifts and whorls and whorls that only in the 20 century were defined in fractal geometry.  

Leonardo genius is his ability to combine state of the art scientific reflection with a drawing virtuosity  that is second to none.

Here, despite the clinical analytical approach, the blackberry plants are alive,  their life forces poetically carry on forever....

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