Friday, June 28, 2013

Jaffa White Night 2013

Jaffa looked very different tonight -
while walking Yeffet St.
the visuality of the street looked much more enchanting.
This post is dedicated to dear friend Franco who I know will see this..

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Birth of Tragedy

WE shall have gained much for the science of 
aesthetics, when once we have perceived not only 
by logical inference, but by the immediate certainty 
of intuition, that the continuous development of 
art is bound up with the duplexity of the Apollonian 
and the Dionysian : in like manner as procreation 
is dependent on the duality of the sexes, involving 
perpetual conflicts with only periodically inter 
vening reconciliations. These names we borrow 
from the Greeks, who disclose to the intelligent 
observer the profound mysteries of their view of 
art, not indeed in concepts, but in the impressively 
clear figures of their world of deities. It is in 
connection with Apollo and Dionysus, the two art- 
deities of the Greeks, that we learn that there 
existed in the Grecian world a wide antithesis, in 
origin and aims, between the art of the shaper, the 
Apollonian, and the non-plastic art of music, that of 
Dionysus : both these so heterogeneous tendencies 
run parallel to each other, for the most part openly 
at variance, and continually inciting each other to 
new and more powerful births, to perpetuate in 
them the strife of this antithesis, which is but 
seemingly bridged over by their mutual term 
" Art " ; till at last, by a metaphysical miracle of 
the Hellenic will, they appear paired with each 
other, and through this pairing eventually generate 
the equally Dionysian and Apollonian art-work 
of Attic tragedy. 
Nietzsche The Birth of Tragedy 1872

SLA The Birth of Tragedy 2009